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Course Offerings

Cyber Role Player Operations Course

This course educates and trains red team and pen testing professionals on an operational framework to strengthen your organization’s security and enhance its mission through cyber role playing, and learn how to recognize the methodology used by these nefarious nation state, criminal, and insider threat actors.

Cyber Persona Layer Ops Course

The Cyber Persona Layer Ops executive overview will provide organizational staff & leadership with an understanding of cyber persona layer operations, their functional elements, and their execution, as well as an appreciation for practical application of goal-oriented communication through social media applications provided in the separate 5-day CRPOC.

Communications Assessment Course

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John Hoffner

Director, Offensive Cyber Programs, CRD

John Hoffner enlisted in 1994, retiring in 2017 as the S-2 of 3d Marine Regiment. A graduate of Penn State with an advanced degree from Naval PostGrad (MS ITM & PhD abd), John served in every facet of the USMC, all parts of the MAGTF, Joint assignments, and HQMC. He deployed with Prowlers, SOF, and stood up RC-Southwest in over 2 years deployed to the AOH. Retirement provided opportunities in cybersecurity, identity management, and signature reduction until joining CRD to merge that with the conduct of offensive cyberspace operations and information operations planning.

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