Course Overview:

The Cyber Persona Layer Ops executive overview will provide organizational staff & leadership with an understanding of cyber persona layer operations, their functional elements, and their execution, as well as an appreciation for practical application of goal-oriented communication through social media applications provided in the separate 5-day CRPOC.

The one-day training schedule is tailored to meet pre-coordinated II MIG objectives. All slides sent by CRD will be at the unclassified level, however, hosting within secure facilities will allow discussions at a higher classification level.


  • TBD- link of at II MIG
  • 0800 Start of Day
    • Admin and Introductions
    • Overview: objectives, persona stories, & effects
    • Rapport & Targeting
    • Cyber-psychology
    • Memetics: Delivery of Memes & Meaning
    • Effects Delivery Best Practices
  • 1200 Lunch
    • Mission Planning
    • Reports & Assessment: Performance vs Effectiveness
    • Supporting Cyber Role Players
    • What’s next? –the CRPOC
    • Q&A forum
  • TBD End of Day

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