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85% of Clear Ridge Defense (CRD) employees have a military background (retired, separated, reservist, NG, etc.) and have all gone through a transition to the contracting world. We know that transition can be a stressful time in a servicemember’s life, so the team at CRD has put together a list of commonly-asked questions.

What is the proper dress and etiquette for defense contractors?

In general, you want to present a professional appearance. Avoid clothing with slogans, rips/tears, and anything polarizing or political. At Clear Ridge Defense we have a simple rule to follow: don't be the best or worst-dressed person on your team. Sometimes you may be participating in an event with a senior-level leader or an interagency partner or guest and it may be more appropriate to dress more formally on those dates.

What is the New Uniform Program and how can I take advantage?

The New Uniform Program is an exclusive Clear Ridge Defense benefit that pays transitioning service members $500 on their first paycheck to help absorb the costs of buying new professional clothing that they may not otherwise already own.

All transitioning service members who are brought onto the Clear Ridge Defense team automatically receive the benefit if Clear Ridge Defense is the first company a service member has worked for after separation.

What is IAT Level II, and how can service members put themselves in a position to be qualified before they separate?

IAT Level II is a baseline certification designated by the DoD and adopted by many contracts as a standard that contractors must meet before being allowed to work on a contract (or in some specific instances a standard that must be met after a certain period once starting work). The most popular way to achieve IAT Level II is to become Security+ CE certified, though many other certifications that can also satisfy the requirements and can be found on the DoD's official website. Service members can put themselves in a position to be qualified before they separate by using Tuition Assistance, going through their unit's operations or training section, or going out-of-pocket. Clear Ridge Defense will fund a new hire's certification costs which is the most convenient way for transitioning service members to meet IAT Level II requirements.

What is the Military Tuition Assistance program and how can I take advantage?

As mentioned previously the Military Tuition Assistance program is a resource that service members can use before they begin to transition from the military to put themselves in a more advantageous hiring position. Military OneSource has a very informative webpage detailing the program which includes links to the application process for each service.

What do I need to know about retirement and 401k?

The most important thing to know about retirement is that it is never too early to plan for it. Every person will stop working one day, and the amount of planning and saving that an individual does greatly impacts when that day can come. Clear Ridge Defense supports every employee's retirement plan by providing a complete 5% matching contribution to employee 401k accounts. Other companies provide a percentage based on the number of dollars the employee saves, while Clear Ridge Defense provides a 5% match based on everything the employee earns: salary, bonuses, profit sharing, etc.

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