Baltimore, MD, May 19, 2020 –

Clear Ridge Defense provides cybersecurity solutions to companies that help combat the following example threats currently plaguing companies across the globe.  Our team members are highly-trained technical experts who are trusted to support both federal and commercial clients.  We can help assess any company’s security architecture and can provide training to help prevent the next attempted data breach from being successful.  SEE IF YOUR COMPANY QUALIFIES FOR OUR FREE INITIAL OPEN SOURCE ASSESSMENT 

According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach in 2019 was $3.92M; with the healthcare industry hit the hardest with an average cost of $6.45M.  The average attack lasted 279 days from detection to containment which is far too long for a company to withstand in today’s circumstances.  Contact us at and start implementing a cybersecurity solution to protect your company.  


  • The overall impacts to businesses from the 2019 novel coronavirus will be undoubtedly felt long after the crisis passes.  The virus has altered the way companies conduct their daily business.  Work that once had to be performed from an office environment is now completed at home.  Workers who were previously unfamiliar with video telecommunications applications used in the corporate scene are now familiar with names such as Zoom or Microsoft’s Teams and are using them on a daily basis.  While these apps are great for maintaining accountability and keeping communications open, their sudden spike in usage creates unique problems that threaten the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of corporate data.    
  • According to the Brookings Institution approximately half of the American workforce is currently working from home, as opposed to a reported 12% from 2017-2018 data.  This incredible spike occurred in a relatively short time span as COVID-19 spread across the country and workers were encouraged to stay at home.  Many companies and IT departments are understandably unprepared for such a dramatic shift and workers have begun to access and work on company data from personally owned devices.  All of the additional devices, locations, and users now accessing that data provide malicious cyber actors with an increased surface area to target, which they have been using.    

Clear Ridge Defense understands that this increase in telework and people connecting from alternate locations requires businesses to adapt rapidly.  Securing your company’s workforce and the networks they choose to connect to are essential in protecting proprietary information.  This scenario presents a dynamic threat and Clear Ridge Defense is prepared to provide commercial solutions to keep your company secured.  Contact us today. 

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